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My name is Jackie. Welcome to my new blog. This blog is designed to offer advice and information to anyone out there who is considering reinventing their home. I woke up one morning and realised that I hadn't changed the decor of my home in over 15 years. The wallpaper was faded, the fireplace looked dated and the paint on the walls was chipped and cracked. I woke my husband and insisted that we take action. The next day, I contacted various remodelling contractors and started discussing plans. I spent the next couple of weeks chatting with them as they completely transformed my home. I was so pleased with the result, I decided to start a blog.

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5 Fantastic Benefits of Using Cork Flooring in the Bathroom

When you're picking out the flooring for your bathroom, cork probably isn't an option that springs immediately to mind. Be that as it may, cork flooring actually offers plenty of bathroom benefits compared to traditional options like stone and tile.

Here are just five simple reasons you should use cork flooring in the bathroom.

1. Hygienic

One of the best things about using cork for your bathroom flooring is that it is a very hygienic choice. In the warm, humid environment of your bathroom, it can be easy for mould and bacteria to thrive. However, cork is naturally resistant to mould and mildew. It is anti-microbial, meaning that it either kills off microorganisms or dramatically inhibits their growth, and you won't even have to worry about termites.

2. Water-Resistant

When you need to pick the right flooring material for your bathroom, probably the most important concern is how well it will be able to cope with all the water. Cork flooring isn't waterproof, but it is extremely water-resistant, so it makes a good option for bathrooms.

3. Comfortable

People tend to love the feel of cork beneath their feet in any room of the house, but it's often most welcome in the bathroom. This is where you're going to be walking barefoot most often, so you want your flooring to offer cushioning and stay warm. Cork can do both since it is filled with air cells. These provide effective insulation and compress when stepped upon. As an added benefit, sound insulation will also be increased.

4. Non-Slip

It's remarkably nice not to have to worry about stepping on a cold, hard floor after you've just had your shower, but it's immeasurably more important to avoid any slips. Falling over in the bathroom is serious business. The flooring is often hard and there are many fixtures which you can strike on the way down. Unfortunately, most bathroom flooring is quite easy to slip on, but cork provides a safer, non-slip surface. Even if you do take a tumble, you're far less likely to injure yourself if you fall on soft, cushioned cork rather than hard stone or tile.

5. Style

Finally, there's the fact that cork just looks great. It brings the warmth and timeless charm of hardwood flooring without suffering its disadvantages, and it provides your bathroom with a kooky and unique appearance since cork is still a relatively novel flooring material.