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My name is Jackie. Welcome to my new blog. This blog is designed to offer advice and information to anyone out there who is considering reinventing their home. I woke up one morning and realised that I hadn't changed the decor of my home in over 15 years. The wallpaper was faded, the fireplace looked dated and the paint on the walls was chipped and cracked. I woke my husband and insisted that we take action. The next day, I contacted various remodelling contractors and started discussing plans. I spent the next couple of weeks chatting with them as they completely transformed my home. I was so pleased with the result, I decided to start a blog.

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4 Wood Options for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are a prominent feature that significantly contribute to your kitchen's overall appearance. Therefore, getting custom kitchen cabinets suited specifically for your kitchen and that match your décor will improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. But what cabinet material is best? Below is an overview of four popular material options.

Poplar wood

If you want to paint your cabinets instead of applying a clear finish or staining, you should consider Poplar wood. It is a paint-grade hardwood with an MDF panel with medium density. Its availability, versatility, and affordability make it a popular choice. Additionally, it is easy to work and paint as it takes paint well to create a smooth finish. Despite being a hardwood, it works easily as a softwood with an impressive bending strength compared to other softwoods.


It is a popular and preferred cabinet material that comes in two types—white or red. However, the distinction isn't based on colour since white oaks are somewhat grey while red oaks are brownish-reddish. White oak is preferred if you live in wet environments. They are attractive as they have golden tones and subtle grains. On the other hand, red oak works well everywhere. Red oak is highly durable, very sturdy, and inexpensive. It comes in different finishes and boasts unique grain patterns, adding a glamorous look to your kitchen. The noticeable grain in both types of oak is beautiful and adds a rustic, artisanal appearance in the kitchen.


It is a type of hardwood with medium density and an impressive uniform texture. Alder is a great choice when facing budgetary constraints as it is very affordable. Additionally, you can get knotty cabinet doors since some varieties of Alder wood look knotty. The natural knottiness reduces the chances of finding melamine veneers as part of your kitchen cabinets. Due to its solid wood character, Alder offers gorgeous kitchen cabinet doors. Although the cabinet colour depends on your kitchen theme and preference, you can stain Alder to match your preferred colour.

Hard maple

It is a fine-grain type of wood with a light colour. The fine grain characteristic makes it ideal for traditional or contemporary design. Compared to oak, this hardwood is more expensive since it is more sturdy and durable. Hardwood maple has undeniable beauty and comes in different warm colours to match a lot of home décor. You can choose to stain it to meet your colour scheme. It barely dents; thus, it can withstand frequent use.

Do you need help determining the right material?

Are you still unsure of the best wood for your kitchen? Book a consultation with kitchen remodelers for top recommendations and get your custom cabinets today.